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I was never a serious skater as a kid, but being from Boston I ice skated on a few ponds and MDC rinks, played hockey. So even though it was long ago, I still think that "skating" should be on a pretty smooth surface. I am often disappointed of course, but broken, rippled, frost heaved, small branch, twig and leave covered surfaces greatly take away the enjoyment (and speed) of skating. I don't care that great inliners can skate over almost anything, I just came to inline with the childhood experience and memory that skating is a smooth surface activity. A road I sometimes train on has a few brief sections of smooth as glass blacktop and it is glorious for the few strides I can make on it! You can truly focus on just your form, technique, power, there's no constant scanning for little imperfections that can take you down.
Wait, what was the question? - yeah, rough roads and trails suck
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