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It's difficult to put a number on it, but I think it's more than 20%.
I usually skate on a pavement of big concrete blocks - there are joints every couple of meters, cracks, some parts were repaired using new concrete, some parts are very rough. I also have a spot with good asphalt. The difference is huge for me personally. Not only the surface resistance and how hard it's to push, but mainly the grip that the wheels have on the surface, the smoothness adn most importantly the ability to focus on the coorect technique throughout the movement, to make long powerful strides and not look 3 meters in front of you trying to spot potholes, cracks and stuff to avoid. The fear of going too much to an edge and being caught out by some crack or pebbles on the pavement really prevents me from applying the right technique.
I seriously think that good surface is almost as important as proper equipment (boots&skates).
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