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Smile Berry Skates is now the U.S. Roll-Line Skates distributor.

Just so everybody knows Berry Skates is now a distributor of Roll Line Roller Skating plates in America.

I mounted the Roll Line Dance on the exact center of the ball of my foot. This took a lot of work and measuring. This is about 5mm further back when compared to the Imperial mounting. The new position slowed me down a lot but I'm happy with the improved movement and posture from the front wheel placement.
There is nothing like getting the shortest possible Dance Plate mounted to the Boots you intend to skate on. More control, flexibility and style is available to your foot with very little ankle input.

My biggest (and only) complaint is the position of the rear wheel. It is also pushed back 5mm. This restricts some turning moves and being able to get up on on the rear wheels for some footwork. I now wish I could get a 165mm plate instead of the 170. Oddly the length I find comfortable is a lot shorter then the recommended length.
Sadly the Roll-Line Dance Plate, does not come in half sizes. It is not available/made in the 165mm length.

Both the Roll line Dance and Imperial have about the same turning movement based on my setups. Yet the felt very different.
Setup on the Dance is more critical and unforgiving than the Imperial. Pre-compression had to be just right. I can generally work in a range on the Imperial without noticing much difference.
I agree. The Roll-Line Dance plate is more sensitive to kingpin nut tightness. It’s very sensitive, but that is the beauty of the plate. It turns on a dime, but that can put you on your A$$ if you are just a little bit loose on the truck adjustment, The fast turning truck action on a loose setup can flip the skater and knock you down onto the skating floor without a moments notice!
The stock cushions on the Dance are about right. I tried a softer cushion and it was terrible. The skate was all over the place with a mind of its own.
I have to admit, if you don’t like sensitive truck action that turns on a dime with only slight ankle movement, you will probably not like the Roll Line Dance plate. The roll line dance plate turns sharper than the Synder Imperial Plate by a “LOT!”

The Roll Line was light, snappy, agile. As a result it is unforgiving: I felt every imperfection in the floor and felt slightly out of control. This resulted in fatigue. The Imperial is steady and calm. The comparison is like driving a Miata vs. 1980 Buick

Again the Roll Line Dance plate is not for the faint of heart. Now put a very low top/cut Berry International Dance boot on it and you got yourself a wild roller skating setup. Better know how to skate and have excellent balance if you want to go that route…lol!. I have that Berry Boot on a Short Roll Line Dance plate and it is wild, controllable and scary all at the same time.

Kind of gives me the feeling of doing freestyle in a Dance Roller Skating Plate…lol! I have a lot of respect for those skates and skate hard and fast but as cautious as I can be and the adjustment has to be just right or it can get dangerous out there on the skating surface going full bore!

After taking off the Roll Line and skating both Imperials I found myself missing the quickness and freedom of the Dance.
There is no combination in the World with the quick action of a Short Roll Line Dance plate mounted on a Argentinian/Berry Skate International Style Dance Boot. This is my most Wildest, Scariest Roller skating Plate and Boot combination setup. I don’t recommend it, but it is a beautiful setup if you can handle it. I have to be on my toes with these skates, but it allows me to do anything I want when skating dance. It’s your choice. Choose wisely and be careful!


Larry Otani

P.S. Proud owner of some Berry Skates/Berry Boots/ Roll Line Dance plates/low cut International style boots.

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