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Originally Posted by Maroon bells View Post
I've got supremes with Kryto Cruise's. The supremes were ruining my ankles though, I had to get a gel bandage thingy to be able to continue using them. Do you have that problem?
When you say "Supremes" do you mean Supreme Turbos or Bauer Supremes?

The Bauer Supremes are known to destroy people's feet because they're ice hockey skates and not intended for roller skating (especially not trick skating). A mate of mine took a year to break his Bauer Supremes in before they became even vaguely bearable to wear.

Personally, I can't be dealing with all that pain (especially not for a boot that doesn't even give you any kind of performance advantage whatsoever).

I use the plastic shell Supreme Turbos with padded liner. No ankle issues for me, but the rigid layer on the the liner's tongue and the piping that runs down the front opening of the liner, are a both total PITA. However, there's no other alternatives, so I just have to put up with it.

Originally Posted by Maroon bells View Post
I would be interested to see those Aussies Scott's, they are a bit legendary.
Here's a few of the Aussie Scotts wheels that I own:


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