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Default No magic bullet

There is just too much variability in the DA-45 setup to rely on a "paint by numbers" solution. I'd buy it as a start point, maybe, but it's just as easy to adjust them correctly and be done with it.

There is enough production tolerance in the depth and location of the hole in the plate where the pivot cup goes to preclude any meaningful "one size fits all" solution. Also, I never set up a plate with 2-1/2 threads showing on the kingpin. If that's the case, I step up to the next harder barrel cushion. (With the newest iteration of the Harry stud, it appears to be a little longer than the old ones, so this all changes anyway.)

Once you get the pivots correctly adjusted, you can safely go about one turn in either direction on the kingpin adjuster without getting into too much trouble. You really don't have to fiddle the pivots for a quarter turn on the kingpin. Like any other skate maintenance item, perodically make sure they aren't too loose or too tight.
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