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Default Chalk One Up for Laziness

I was going to lengthen my pivot pin 2/6ths before Fountain Valley, but blew it off and just went. I did have my tools this time though. The skates felt fine as I was skating, but I quickly needed a restroom break. As I went to the sink to wash, I noticed someone had dropped water on the floor, so I decided I might as well take advantage of it and clean my wheels. There were of course, tell tale tire tracks through it already, and it wasn't like I spilled the water on the floor I was just taking advantage of what the universe had presented me with. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, so what if I am usually the one to dump the water. This night, it wasn't MY doing.) So, with newly cleaned wheels, and being already warmed up, I went out and tore up the floor. PERFECTION. I knew they were stable from last night, and with the just cleaned wheels, I did some hard cutting. No studder when leaned hard over. So that left my final setup as, 2.5 turns on the king pin nut and 2 1/6 turns long on the pivot pin.

On a side note, my Reflex tool did get some use. A noob rec skater on R3's finally gave in and let me put some blue gummies on her trucks. I had her convinced before, but then she hedged. Got em on, she skated a bit, adjusted again, and she skated some more. I could see she was liking them, so I decided to mess with her. I skated up and said casually, "you know, if you don't like them, I'll be happy to put your old cushions on." She fairly blurted out, NO, I'M NOT GOING BACK. The look on her face was priceless. Kind of a shocked, how dare you suggest that look.
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