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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
BTW, is anyone else really, REALLY tired of TLTF posting pictures of 125mm wheels on their Facebook page, saying "we're testing and they're coming soon"?

Don't get me wrong, I love their wheels. They were pretty much all I skated on when I was on 110/100.

But they did this before Roanoke in 2016 and NOTHING. This year, on Feb 1, they did the same thing and nearly 2 months later, NOTHING. Yesterday, they posted that they were testing at Spring Fling over the weekend. We'll see.

I realize that they need to get them right before selling them to the general public, but why hype people up over and over? I can honestly say that I'm not excited for the triple pour. It will make the wheels heavier than Matters (188gms) and possibly MPCs (205gms). I did like the prospect of the wheels they posted on Feb 1 (note each wheel has a different hub type):

And that the dual pour is lighter than the Matters:

I just wish that they'd stop teasing us.

Hahaha ...
It is my personal opinion.
Curtis is a technician.
I think that Curtis are experimenting carefully.

Suppose Curtis is in a state of confusion.
First of all, we will start with the sample we sent.
Sending photos samples, Curtis produced wheel samples.
Rotational force itself is different.
I think Curtis has confirmed directly. (Why? Because it produced directly.)

Secondly, we can see that Curtis experimented the weight effect.
They created a new record at 3,000 M as shown in the photograph.
It was not confirmed directly.
Using TLTF AL Wheel.

I believe that Curtis understands weight.
But I think he does not understand weight distribution.
Weight distribution is very important also in Inline.

Light wheels are not successful.
The wheel that Curtis tests is the below wheel.

He would like to experiment with functional differences between light wheels and heavy wheels.
However, the wheel in the photo above is only heavy.
why? Weight distribution increased in the central direction.
The reason why there are holes in the wheel is also a means to reduce weight.

125mm wheel on a 110mm hub ... hahaha ...

Currently Curtis seems to be having a lot of troubles.
Because Curtis is a technician.
I think that it is necessary to confirm the product.
I think Curtis will not let you wait intentionally.
However, Curtis can not find alternative technology.
Understand Curtis.
please understand, English even poor.
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