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So, I had a chance to run some indoor laps on the Atom Boom Road wheels this morning. Here is my opinion. Remember, YMMV.

What I had heard about the roll is true. Both Matters (outdoor original profile One20Five and Code White) and Bont Red Magic roll better.

There was some grip on our two-month old coating, but as soon as I started pushing, they started breaking loose. They also took some getting used to, as the profile is rounder than any of the wheels I mentioned above.

The verdict, they'd probably make a good practice wheel for a freshly coated floor, if you wanted to work harder. But I'm going to stick to Matter wheels and transfer the Booms to outdoor duty to see how they do. I have heard that the Boom urethane works very well outdoors.

One other thing, as with a set of Roll'X X-Road 125mm wheels that I tried indoors, the Booms felt "buzzy", like I felt every spoke of the hub as it turned. Since there are no spokes in the Matter wheels, they feel much smoother and the aluminum hub of the Bonts probably dampened any possible buzzing.
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