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Originally Posted by SueSkate View Post
Again, thanks for all the great advice!
After reading some of your posts, I hope that I am practicing backwards skating using a proper technique. My position is slightly bent at the knees, usually looking over my right shoulder. I am pushing my feet side to side, gliding and not lifting the skates off of the floor. o - o .
Sounds OK

Originally Posted by SueSkate View Post
o - o I am finding myself using a chris/cross pattern when going around turns. I am not lifting my skate off the floor while doing the chris/cross. I have the urge to try cross overs around turns but am not confident enough yet to actually do it. o - o
You should do the cross under or under push around turns. One of the ways to learn this is to spend time in the inner circles and do them over and over again. When you change direction in skating you use the other foot to push you through the turn. BTW it is fun to do other stuff around the turns, like you are doing yet you will have to get up the courage "Ms Lion" from Wizard of Oz.

Originally Posted by SueSkate View Post
o - o I hope I am not falling (no pun intended) into bad backwards habits. Also, great advice about my and Hubby's arm support. I have gone from hanging on for dear life to now barely touching his fingertips. Just knowing he is there makes me feel better..
Yep that's the technique. You can not believe how many skaters I have told to learn that way and still they hang on for dear life. Even have told parents with their kids. It just RETARDs your ability to go it alone..

Originally Posted by SueSkate View Post
o - o I am from the mid-Atlantic region. And I now believe that Mort is correct....o - o
Two things to look for in the MidAtlantic. Organ Skates Jams at Holiday Skate Place in NJ, another over in Reading, PA. If you see some of the old videos I am there Side Surfing. And then they have a skate jam out of Staten Island that sometimes involves South Amboy, NJ. Mort has been to the Staten Island one, yet not me YET.

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