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I am also new to experimenting with rhythm dance skating and have begun exploring wheels. My skates came with some pretty worn/ coned roll line forester wheels 90a. I wanted to try harder wheels so bought some cheap 95a aussie scott slim enforcers. Absolutely love these and they have boosted my confidence but still wanted to try harder. Was toying up between the radar varasity plus 101a and the bones 101a and ended up getting the bones as could pick them up locally. I've only used them a couple of times so far but I'm not sure about them already. I was expecting a bit of slip on corners which will take some getting used to, but what I wasn't expecting was how noisy they could be when doing turns and transitions. I was expecting to slide/glide from front to back but instead I make horrible juddery sounds unless I really pick my feet up. I've gone back to my 95a's for last skate and am not sure what to do for the best now. My local rinks are concrete and are not the best maintained and they have reputations for being slippery. Suppose I should really persevere with the bones as they prob aren't even broken in yet! But my first impressions aren't great!
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