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I quit coming when 9 out of 10 new posts (when I click that button above) are by two people, all off topic political posts. Try it now. Dozens of politics posts by just two people, several started every day, month after month. These same two, because they're here wringing their hands about every other issue, also are the only ones that will reply to a legitimate skate questions. It's a classic problem with forums and clubs - the most energetic or most available person basically takes control, and makes it their personal soapbox.

I joined to ask about skates, and show off some of mine. I did get some great help from Doc8 and a few others. But today it seems its 99% off topic politics.

The reason I moved from several hobbie forums to facebook is that there are more on-topic posts. Most that I stay on have strict anti-politics and anti-bullying moderation. This site doesn't. If it wanted to get serious, it would limit the above, strongly. You might get people back to discussing skating.
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