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Default New to dance skating

I grew up skating in the 70's and 80's. I went to all night skates in junior high all the time. I had art skates with nice wheels. I always wanted the derby skates and always wanted to rex. It was like the popular people had the good skates and could rex. I never got there. I bought my first pair of new skates in November. I got Suregrip GT 50's to start. I got slightly better wheels and Rollerbones bearings. I have 96a suregrip wheels that I have gotten used to. I was recently accepted into the dance group, which i'm excited about. The "leader" said I should get 98a if I want to dance. I didn't like the ones they had. They were white. So I got 101a pink ones. Bad idea! I fell doing the downtown and I think I have a hairline fracture in my elbow. So I went down to 98a. Not much better. I feel like i'm new to skating. I'm used to being one of the better skaters there. So I gave up after a while and put my 96a back on. Much better! Will I get used to the 98's? They feel like ice. Is it ok to switch back and forth until I'm used to the 98's? Or will that lengthen the learning curve?
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