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I've played about 50% on the ice court and 50% on concrete. I'd slightly favor the ice court, but hear me out.
The key is keeping them clean. A dirty, dusty, or wet concrete surface accounts for several burns and scars I've received in my life. A dirty, or dusty ice court surface accounts for the same. I've noticed a slight bit more give on the ice court as far as traction goes, but you can easily adjust to that and even use it to your advantage. I realized that you could get some fancy little slides going that other players weren't expecting on the ice court surface if you ran harder wheels than might otherwise be expecting. Unfortunately, you have to then keep a mind that your hockey stops will slide significantly farther than you might otherwise expect. I ran 84A on concrete and icecourt, just played them a little different. (I was a speed demon and would sacrifice my stops just a little).
Now, one difference I already mentioned that you might have noticed. Water on an icecourt surface is hardly an issue. I would head down to the rink on a sunday afternoon to goof off even if it had been raining that morning. The ice court surface drained just dandily. Concrete could cause some issues.

TL;DR: keep 'em clean and dry, you'll manage just fine on either, as long as you've had a couple hours to get used to them.
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