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Default Tip of the week

Think pidgeon toe.

So on the spin trainer, I've finally got very consistent. But it's very forgiving, you can spin with your foot in just about any positon. The best spin I can get is to throw your body form the side to straight forward, arms out to the sides. Then pull the arms and free leg straight in front of you not bent straight out like Frankenstein. Then pull the free leg and arms all the way in.

This does not quite translate to skate because it puts the pressure right in the middle of the performing foot where there is no wheel. Solution: Throw the upper body beyond square and think pidgeon toed with the performing foot. This puts it on the inner edge. IT WORKS!

So I am finnllally getting OF rotation off of the mohawk. No hesitation. A throw that looks like the spin trainner and finishing on the IB edge. I don't have that falling backward feeling anymore. I need a bit more control on the IB edge and a bit more power. But it is really comming along. I'll get vid next time I go to the skate park.
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