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Default Well here it is

Her it is:

Optinal notes:
production note;
Busted my pretty decent camera, the view finder is dead, so Zeke is guessing on zoom and direction. Luckily it's autofocus. A bit hard to operate when you can't see the menu.

Teenagers note;
Sam (oldest) showed up for a ride didn't want to skate. The boys got taking video games or some such thing. Zeke became pensive because he wanted to go so some video is shot like 50 miles from me. However, Sam took some additional on his phone that may be better. I will need to get access to it.

Skating quality note (excuses);

Took the video skaring cold. I shouldn't try stuff cold, it doesn't work. But Zeke and I felt a bit wierd taking video i a rink, so we wanted it out-of-the-way.
The floor seemed crowded for being uncrowded. Everyone was going sooooo slow, felt like skating in slow motion. There are some curvy moves I like to do slow, but not like for a whole song, let alone all session.
Had a busted skate. I'm on a weekend away no time to look at it.
And the sun was in my eye.


My waltz jump my legs are much more spread out than I thought. Like jumping forwards. And I cheat then enrry more than I thought, I'm half turned before I jump. I often feel like like I'm falling backwards on an IB spin.

Checked the video against the last. I don't think I advanced as much as I thought, or hoped. I still check that waltz a bit, though I throw it with more confidence. The spin I see no differnce except the setup. I actually chactaw much better off the left edge going the other way, that is spinning on the right foot. But entering my right foot IB I tend to catch a wheel. Although I spin better thwt way. Hopefully Sam's video got me trying that one. Can't wait til the weather breaks and I can get video in the park. I can set the equipment up so much better there.

Off topic note,

I saw in another thread about three turns, (I didn't want to impose on it as the discussion is way above my head, great info though). The IF three turn is easier. You know I never tried it til last thursday. It does seem easier although my chicken free foot want d to just kiss the ground, although I come around quite easily.

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