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Originally Posted by Rox'n'Roll View Post
Derrick - do you think you might be over analyzing this rather than just feeling it and letting it happen?

What me over analyze?

Of course I'm over analyzing; that's what I do. Well, quantity of posts to slf goes up when I skate. Keeps those advertisers happy.

As far as feeling it, oh yea, the music makes all the difference for me.

So..... anyway, (just can't quit) had an excellent day with the spin. I set my best IB ever. Can't really vouch for the number of revs. It's hard to count the times the snack bar wizzes by when your going weeeeeeeeeee.

It was my cheaty set, but it really worked this time.

Finally got a good chactaw set to the OF as well. I had that down but missed the rock over somewhat and limited the revs.

The rest of my spins were good with low revs. Actually, I'm getting much better, at least more consistent.

Thanks Rox, just keep routing for each other that's what really counts.
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