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Zetrablade is a very entry level skate with composite frame. The frame will eventually fail when subjected to jumping, etc. It's really marketed for beginners and just tooling around the park.

If your primary use is aggressive / urban / street skating, I would suggest getting into an urban/street skate that's built to take a little abuse: RB twister series or RB's metro series with aluminum frames. Or, as alternate the Seba FR series skates.

Just a side note: It's our shops policy to not to take back used goods, as we cannot assure customers have not damaged/caused issues, nor can we resell items as new. So retailers take a loss in these situations. I am not sure where you purchased, but just be forewarned the place you purchased from may not allow returns once items used. But, for a $99 skate, you can most likely resell on a used skate gear page and recoup your invested cost.
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