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Originally Posted by bjvircks View Post
I have found that just dumping wet bearings into oil or solvent is not as much good as you'd think. It is better to dunk each bearing and then spin it by hand a bit in each direction to work out any trapped water and to flush out the big grit. The hand spin gets out the trapped water that surface tension holds against the balls and races. After the dunk/spin... then let them soak in the solvent until you can give them a proper cleaning.

Getting the grit out before skating on the bearings again is very important because the grit will dig into the surfaces of the races, causing metallurgical disruptions in the steel's grain sturcture which opens the door to much more aggressive corrosion.
At some point, it's worth considering whether this is a good use of your time. You can get a full set of respectable bearings for less then $30. If you are any kind of professional, then you probably make more than that in an hour. If saving your $30 bearings takes more than $30 worth of your time, it's probably not worth it.

Not to say I haven't done it anyway, just out of pure stubbornness.
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