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IMO, any bearing you use in the rain is going to be toast at the end - where it's going to be at least marginally damaged, and should be shoved into the "rain bearings" group. Then any time you're going to be out in the rain or extra lousy conditions, grab that set of "rain bearings" and don't worry about abusing them.

Thus, being cheap, I'd use the old rain-scarred ABEC7's. If it's going to be very wet, then yes, grease is likely the ticket.

Immediately after you're done, using something like WD40 to spray out the bearings [or perhaps denatured alcohol] and dry them out is a must. [Unless you simply want to throw them away afterwards.] If you don't treat them very quickly [not more than a few hours, really as soon as you possibly can] they'll take a lot more damage.

Wheels: I doubt new or old makes much difference - use the grippiest wet wheel you have, or get a rain specific wheel like Storm Surges. [I'd recommend the latter frankly, unless spending the money seems lousy, or you'll never skate in the rain again...]

My solution is simply to not skate in the rain. But that obviously doesn't work for the situation you describe. Good luck!
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