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After reading your post, you got me noticing that there are a lot of guys that don't know how to couples-skate, but they would love to learn. So even though I kind of REALLY suck at it, I laced up my skates and tried to expand on my limited experience. (Also, there were so many adorable guys skating that I just couldn't resist). Yup, I'm a lady. My advice...just skate up to her on the skate floor, hold out your hand and see if she'll take it. If she doesn't, just say, "oh well," and smile. Try again on the next lady. If she takes your hand then put her in this position.....

Watch this video from 0 to 20 seconds. Forget the feet, FOCUS ON THE ARM POSITION

This is the easiest position to start with. Your right hand holds her right hand and left hand holds her left hand. From this position you can do almost anything including spin her or yourself around without letting go (because your hands are criss-crossed). She can go backward while you skate forward and vice versa. If you're side by side you can both skate forwards and backwards next to each other and change directions. Use your body's pressure to lead her and pull her at the same time.

I didn't watch the entire next video, but at around 58 seconds you'll see a number of positions that come out of that starting position.

It's good to have a pro teach you, but if that's not possible, than pick a partner that is a little below your level and learn together.
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