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I'm gonna go with no. For a stretch, I would always go to Fountain Valley with a strong rum and coke in a gatorade bottle. (they let folks bring a drink in on adult night. Though, they'd expect it to be water.) But that is when my joints were aching so bad. I never really got drunk. All the liquor did was take the edge off the pain.

The one time I was really inebriated was when I was getting a cold, took some medicine, and had a Pepsi. That got me looped. I had fun. But I sure did cut corners, pass too close or too fast a lot. My be careful internal voice got small, and my go for it voice got loud. Yeah, I really had fun. But that was just a good wipeout waiting to happen.

As for weed..... My sister has a vape. She forgot how to turn it on. I had her charge it, and I thought I remembered how to turn in on. So I did, took a puff, held it in my mouth, and let it out to make sure I did get a puff. Yep. There was the smoke. Ten minutes later, I felt so GOOD. A few months later, I WANTED a little high. Got the vape, inhaled, held it a couple seconds, and then coughed my *ss off. I felt NOTHING later, and irritated the cr*p out of my throat. I wasn't anxious to try the vape again after that.
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