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Originally Posted by AussieScott View Post
Hurry up Paco.

After today and machining some Deano tires I can not wait to get these hubs of Paco's.

I had 4 differently finished Deano hubs all requiring custom machining to get the tires on properly. Not impressed but hey I am complaining about a 20 plus year old plastic product.

I will send you an email soon Paco.

I hope all is well,
Hey Scott.

In first place congratulations for your fantastic job on your current ALU Hubs and wheels

At this moment I have finished the design of 608 bearing ALU hub version and I need to calculate the price of CNC machining for each set.

As you knows is my single work and Im working slow because as you knows Im busy in my life and work.

If I understand right you have made 4 different Deano ALU hub ready to production. I think its a good notice for all.

Yes, when you have time, please send me private email and we talk.

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