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Originally Posted by Sidewinder View Post
Thanks Scott. Paco's hubs look like they are going to be really nice. Little weight savings here and there, little bling bling going on. That would be such a sweet combo to roll.

I'll shoot you an e-mail on getting in on the next round of Deano tires, just knowing these are still out there and being worked on is awesome itself.

Appreciate the reply with the update
Hi all,

When I start this project, I have thinking to make a hub compatible with Deano tires and Scott Tires because original Deano hubs and tires are very hard to find.

And for this reason, I have made a V1 plastic hub that run right with this tires; but some people ask me about the possibility to make a ALU hub and for this reason Im working on this project with all the suggestions of this forum.

I have in mind, after finish this light hub design, try to make a hub with micro bearings to save more weight but this for the future because at this moment Im a lot busy at work and at my life and at this moment all cost of project is at my own cost.

If you have a Deano hub, Scott tires are the best tires that you can find.

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