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I cannot let this topic go. Its such a bizare story. So counter to reasons I skate. I have not been to a rink for decades, so how do they handle security? Do they have metal detectors or do searches? Or armed security guards? In the story the woman apparently heard about the fighting and decided to smuggle a gun into the rink. it was a cop who disarmed the woman inside the rink, so prolly no searches at the front door. I guess she ignored the "no weapons" policy. BTW, that was real helpful of the woman to bring a gun to a rink brawl, that would de-escalate things for sure, no danger there. Looks like things have changed. Back when I skated at the local rinks, it was tightly controlled by Nazi rink guards who inforced a no fun policy. Ok, this is a slight exaggeration. I liked to skate fast and the guards were always telling me to slow down. Sometimes they would announced it over the P.A. system to publicly shame me on the floor. This was one of the reasons I became an outdoor skater.
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