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Default Once more with feeling

If you're using wheels with no bearing hub, like the old Metaflex wheels, any vanathane like the Fo Macs or that type of wheel then yes, spacers are a definite performance boost. Even the hardest vanathane or composite wheel will give enough to misalign the bearings and cause binding. Spacers are just the ticket.

But that's it.

I've played with them at length and the point of diminished returns isn't even a fingertip away.

If you have a bunch of free time and the inclination to do what Mort did, you can measure each wheel and hand form a spacer that fits it perfectly and you'll likely perceive some vastly immeasurable benefit. But woe is unto you if you get your spacers and wheels mixed up.

And Mort's example is a good one. Production tolerances are plenty tight enough for skate parts, but a few thou variation will make or break a spacer setup. I mean, if you're going to split hairs, split them all.

So sounds like Zombie hubs hold tolerance pretty well. Wonder how precise the spacers are?

Yeah, been there, done that.
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