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Default Wednesday 30March Skate

Hi Again All, Adam, Tim, Tuesday, SD, ,

Originally Posted by MANY_SkatingDave View Post
Continuing with RollerKingdom's mini-blog. o - o
3)Petered out a 30-40yr old mom who looks like she used to rhythm skate since she had the moves. She followed me for as much as she could handle a few time and knows she is going to have to give up smoking. o - o
Shoot the same mom was here again with her sons and guy. She chased me a bit longer this time, completing an entire song and we had fun being a twosome chain team. Others where there also including an Older(past 30) Art Gal who is starting to look more fluid in her moves.

The Derby Gals(many) and the Guys got a bigger room for their gear and were having a grande moving up day. I guess the Rink Owners are really starting to appreciate the Derby Team.

My long time champion art skater buddy showed me his little magnet attached lights that he bought decades ago that just magnet on to the jump bars. One green, one blue. One even worked and he hasn't used them in years.

Left Knee still not 90% so I did turns the opposite way to protect the MCL on the Left Knee.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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