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I do not know if Bont has made any changes to the Z recently. A friend has stock Z and they seem to be a very decent boot.

Please bear in mind... no matter how low the cost, a boot is a crappy value if it does not fit. Can you try on the boots before buying? If no one has told you yet, Bont sizes run different from standard sizing.

Here is a suggestion that might help you figure out if the boots are close to your feet. I'm guessing that the seller has told you accurate Bont size/width.

Bont sales website has a sizing wizard that is VERY helpful in figuring out your foot shape and what Bont size/width is appropriate for your feet. You trace feet and measure. Then input measurements into the calculator. It tells what size/width is recommended. I'd tweak the input a few mm back and forth to see how close to a transition point you are.
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