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Uhh, they appear to be regular skates, but the reason I got them specifically was for the cuff (the cheap skate cuff was soft and too low). They really grip my ankle, but allow for movement exactly like my Seba High Lights. They have some sort of cork-type foam on the tongue and soft heel that doesn't cut your achilles.

I love it at the ice rink because I'm doing all the slalom moves and they totally translate.

The only hockey skates I've ever tried had REALLY bad ankle support. After ice skating today, went inline skating until it started snowing. Getting my son into it too now (slalom I mean), so it's even more fun setting up cones, and while he works at learning regular tricks like cris-cross, I'm working again on all my left sided moves. Anyway. I'm rambling on, so let me go.
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