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Originally Posted by Tuesday Girl View Post
What do you do for couple's skating? Do you have any videos anywhere I could see of what you do?
Hey Tuesday girl,

I haven't been in here in about a week and was touched that you replied to my post. After looking at the videos you posted, I doubt that my couples skating could hold a candle to what you do. Lovely stuff. Basically we are doing sychronized forward rexing. It's very common here. It's all about staying on the beat and in step with your partner (and of course not kicking his skates!) It took me a few months to master it and now I can't imagine skating solo the entire night. it's a terribly dull night when none of my partners show up. I would love to be able to do some of that foward/backwards stuff you posted but my backwards skating is still kind of weak. All in good time.
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