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Today. The hockey rink. (The one I call Desolation Rink, because it's city run, shockingly badly promoted, and generally nearly deserted). Back on inlines. Decided I needed to get back on them before I forgot how

No problem. 5 minutes of being a bit wobbly and too far forward, and then they felt like home again! *Love* *love* *love* the feeling of rockered inlines. Have so much more fun on them. That said, it's largely a matter of skill, I'm sure. My quads will eventually feel nice too, I'm sure, when I get competent on them.

Anyway. The session was light (as usual). Mostly adults, a few newbie teens, the odd (well behaved) teenage NHL wannabe. A couple of derby girls. Everyone else on hockey inlines. Music was typical fluffy pop d'jour. Mostly skatable/danceable if generally totally forgettable.

I spent a large amount of time starting to learn grapevine, which is not flowing yet, but I made a lot of progress today on it. I figured I need to learn some front<->back transitions, so this will get me those for free. Also worked on my Forward Nelson too, which is improving too.

Challenged my derby friend to a race, rules were "both feet on the ground the whole time". Got my ass kicked royally. Haha. No surprise really.

Really enjoyed myself today.
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