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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Thanks for keeping us posted. I think we were going through the process of finding new skates at the same time. I hope you don't mind if I share my experience here too.

I chose the Riedell 172 with the Mistral plate. It gave me superior edge control, balance and spins. It almost felt like cheating. Immediately I could do 3 turns in the opposite direction, which I could not do on my old skates.

I switched that plate. The only thing I found unsatisfactory on that frame was the toe plug. I feel that even the metal mount of the jam plug was too big. I like doing exaggerated matrix/grapevines and toe spins, so I felt that it was a handicap, I'm telling you, it is a BIG mount. I had it switched out for the Giotto Plate. It is exactly the same plate, but without the toe plug. The 172 boot is very comfortable and allows for more control because it is a little stiffer, but not too stiff. Because the boot is stiffer, it responds better so I don't have to lace it up past the ankle. I like the increased flexibility/responsiveness.

I have the size 160 plate on a size 7 boot. You have a size 160 plate on the size 9 boot. Can you tell us more about that? How did you decide to try that? I had wanted to do that at one point, but chickened out. I've noticed that a lot of skaters have a similar build and they love it. Do you ever feel unbalanced? What size was your Sure Grip plate? Sorry for annoying questions.

Sometimes I hug my skates when no one is looking.
You're not annoying me with any questions lol. It does feel like I'm cheating because doing things on this setup is a lot easier than on my other setup.

My Super Deluxe plates are a size 11. For the new build, I first ordered the 180 size plate and they were too long for my liking. I was gonna order the 170's but I talked to the guy at the Five Stride and he stated that the 160's would be better for rhythm skating because the front truck is positioned more up under the ball of my foot giving me more stability and movement response-wise. I can feel the difference especially when doing spins and pivot moves.

I never feel unbalanced when I skate them. If anything they seem more balanced than my other plates. The only thing I had to get use to was not leaning forward too much because it seemed like I would fall over. This was because I was use to plates that positioned my front wheels forward more. Now I'm used to them so I don't have that problem anymore.

As for the toe stops, I take em off. They came with the small toe plugs but they get in the way when I do some tricks so I took em off. I initially wanted to get the Roll Line Ring plates (same exact plate as the Dance except there is no toe stop mount) but they didn't have the size I wanted once I returned the 180 plates for a swap so I had to get the dance.
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