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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
I have been looking at the Roll line Classica boot. i was told this was Roll Line's attempt to build a boot like the Riedell 297.

I would really like to buy a pair of those boots. ...the Roll Line Classica.

1) I recently put my Synder "Royal" plates together with the Berry boot. It is the figure/freestyle boot with the dance inner soles and padding.

I use this set up for Dance and I really like it. I have jumped on this setup but I really want a lot more stiffer boot for freestyle.

I'm just going to say I like this setup. I use the softest red cushions. The Royal Plates come with the more modern conical cushions. Also my plates are the more expensive setup with titanium axels and king pins. this plate cost 550 dollars and like I say I love this set up.

The Synder Royal actions is a straight up pivot pins as opposed to the slanted Roll Line. The roll line gives more action but the action on the Royal is less and that is not all bad. i call it sweet. Sometimes less is more.

I would encouage all to use this setup. But the Roll line plate is superior if you want deep edges.

The Berry boot is fine, but i still want a more traditional high top boot like a Riedell 297. For American Dance the more support the better. International skating I think the Berry boot will be more suited. But it is not bad. I just think I could benefit with a little more support like the Roll Line Classica?

I've heard some people who have the 297 love it and others hate it. I've never had a pair but may get em down the road. I'm not sure if your plates are heavy but mine are. The Classica boot is nice and super comfortable(moreso than my 220s). They are light and solid (the boot is not the stiffest but Edea have other boots that are). The plate is a compliment to the boot. I skated Sunday night and I was doing a lot of moves on the fly, pulling them off to my surprise.

I'm still experimenting with different moves and pushing to see what the plates can do. I have the medium cushions (clear blue) but loosened up the trucks for more maneuverability. Every session is an event as I add more to what I'll try. The main difference I see between this setup and my other setup is the Roll Line plates want to stay under me whereas I have to often force/catch the Sure Grips to do so. Plus, this new setup is so light I barely do much to perform moves. My other setup had me forcing moves at times and sometimes I didnt get the results I wanted. The Sure Grip plates are super sturdy and stable but heavy. The Roll Lines are the same except lighter.
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