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Originally Posted by Mort View Post

The run backs GREATLY overcomplicate the game. People(mainly jammers) get track cut calls all the time for players they had already legally passed. It's bull$hit gameplay.

Then there is the problem that one team , if they so choose, can control the speed of the pack. Prime example being power jam scenarios.

Technically neither team is supposed to be able to single handedly control the pack on their own... But it happens all the time. Mainly with people standing still. Even worse there's really nothing you can do about it. A team can sprint, but they have to "meet in the middle" for the pack to reform after the "no pack" situation is caused, additionally you can't initiate contact while traveling in the clockwise direction. While they do that the jammers cannot have contact initiated with them as there is a "no pack" situation. It also just makes the defending team have to be farther out from the pack, so they have no real distance to absorb /make a defense against the opposing jammer from making a pass. SOOO, you end up with "stand still" derby, which is total garbage, and horrible to watch.

If the team does skate back to meet with the team that is getting the power jam, they will try to back up as far as possible without destroying the pack. It's stupid AF.

This is just some of the issues, but there are quite a few more I'm sure

My problem is that by skating in the wrong direction, you're voluntarily giving up your position. Not onky that but there are a lot of safety issues.
All the standing around and not skating, yet they need skates costing up to $1000 with mis matched wheels and crazy setups. When a pair of rentals would be more than adequate for the amount of skating done. The only time you need a decent pair of skates in derby is when trying the 27/5 laps when a freshmeat doing the minimum skills. Thatís the only time you see a derby skater actually skating
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