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Smile When I was growing up....

When I was growing up...around 1967 roller derby was quite popular and televised. I don't think roller derby is televised today?

Our local team was the San Francisco, Ca...Bay Area Bombers.

They and all Roller Derby was performed on Banked tracks. To the best of my memory these tracks were small and portable. They were not permanent tracks in specialized buildings. I got the feeling these tracks could be erected in any facility and even outdoors if wanted.

Somewhere along the road, roller derby lost interest. I assume at some point it got revitalized and because of cost and maybe skill level needed flat tracks became an option and I assumed they used existing floors and skating rinks?

I don't know if the Olympics and Roller Derby are a match, but this year they have that game on ice where they push these stones down the ice and play a game. The stones hit each other and they have a round target similar to archery. In fact, isn't archery a Olympic sport. If they can push the stones down the ice and have archery in the summer Olympics, why not Roller Derby in the Summer Olympics?


Larry O and have a great day!

P.S. Banked tracks may be a little crazy but if it got more fans to go see the action, why not. Dollars talk and you have to have something that attracts
fan interest. What could be done to draw more fans and thus dollars and possibly television and who knows...maybe even the Olympics???
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