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Originally Posted by journeyman View Post
The weak point is where they are fastened together.
The small m6 bolt fastening the frame cross member to the frame allows for some movement, especially for a strong skater on 125s.
quick calculation

skater puts 80kg of force
let's say this is 130mm away from the bolt. The frame works as a lever, and pivots 5mm next to the bolt.
The force is taken by 2 bolts.
The bolts have 6mm length that can be streched

Then the bolt will become 0.016mm longer if the frame was infinitely strong.

Since the aluminum is a lot less strong (72GPa compared to 200GPa). it will take a high share of the deformation on the top surface of the frames.

So a well tightened bolt will make sure that the frame stays in it place.
That is also why you are more likely to crack the frame near thet boot than the bolt.

Bolts only crack if they have not been secured properly.

What I think is that this prevents cheaper plastic boots (not the racing boots) from cracking.
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