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Originally Posted by Trixton View Post
What exactly does the Arius do to those bearings? Does this apply to the platinum version as well?
This issue applys to all Arius trucks. The problem lies in the axle itself. You see, theres a dip in the axles thickness where the threads start. On a bont hub the outer bearing sits in this recess, which ocks the inside bearing slightly. BUT, this is a micro bearing which is about 1/3rd the strength of a 608 bearing. It also has a lot less room for radial and axial clearances, so the small offset of the outside bearing really increases the load on the inside bearing , and pretty much forces the bearing to roll on th3 edge of its raceways.

All the platinum really accomplished was the toestop boss was changed and the plate was reinforced behind the boss.

With newer trucks and Ti axles, aluminium axis pins, one can expect plate weight to be about 300 grams. Even for a size 12
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