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Originally Posted by VioletBuckle View Post
I've never been one to get on the da/45 train with everyone else. Fantastic for people who love them, but not for me.
I find them squirrely. I don't want my plate to do all of the work for me. I use my foot position, body, and excellent cushions/bushings to take care of the action I need. My feet, knees, shoulders, hips and toes are my steering wheel.

I look at the da/45 as an automatic shifting transmission...vs a da/10-15 which is to me more like a manual or stick shift transmission.
Personally I think a race car driver gets more control out of a vehicle with manual transmission vs robot car automatic. I think this is why I favor the Roll Lines over the Snyder da/45. I feel like my my body action controls the skate more than the skate is controlling my movements and body.
I think this is in line with what I have felt about DA45 vs 10 degree and skater skill. A very accomplished 10 degree skater can do some great stuff. A lower skilled skater cannot do great stuff on a 10 degree, but can do a lot more on a DA45. As I approach the 2 year mark of skating DA45, my skills have improved. I don't always have to depend on the action to do things and I am on harder cushions because I am liking a bit more control, and I can get things done on one axle instead of just depending on action. If a skater is skilled enough to do great things on a 10 degree, well great. (because there is not great action, this means doing quick little maneuvers on a single axle. Doable, but not for a beginner) But for lower to moderately skilled skater, the lions share of skaters, they will likely be able to do more and have more fun with the "automatic", DA45.
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