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Originally Posted by VioletBuckle View Post
So beautifully put, well thought out, and very specific explanation. Thank you.

The above is why I'm having trouble with a da/45. It is very difficult to carry out deep crossovers and push all the way out to a toe flick.

That and I'm finding hockey stops to be weird and awkward on a da/45 whereas it is easy on a Roll line driver or even my crappy Powerdyne nylons.

Maybe I need to get used to it as everyone continuously rains a brown storm on me for not really like the action on a da/45. I must be stupid or a terrible skater. I've skated for 26 yrs, 2 of them were spent playing Inline roller hockey, and two playing derby.

I am not an expert. I am not Doc etc.
Bit I have been trying to figure out why I just cant get behind these da/45s
And Armadillo and Fresh Eddie are the only ones, so far, that have given me a sensible answer to my issue.

Doc- I get irritated with skate companies who pump most of their funds into advertise vs forward thinking engineer, R&D, and a quality product. I'm guessing this plate will also be all flash and no bang. Bit I always hope for the best.
what is akward about your hockey stop, lets start there. but i do mine goofy foot or reverse plow stop.

you dont have to like da45 at all. works for some, not for others. if you cant get behind them, dont...people are passionate about what they like (and have their hard earned time and $$ behind) the brown storm is expected (here more-so because there is no moderation).

as for atom: im sure their new plate will be amazing and all the oly girls will be skating it :/....
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