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Default Hockey Gear for Derby

Hey y'all! I'm currently in a fresh meat program, but will be assessing in about 3 weeks. I did fresh meat for a few weeks last year, but I realized that I was not mentally or physically prepared for it.

I've had a lot of issues with finding knee pads that work for me. I have some 187 Pro Derby Knee Pads (size XXL/XXXL), and I have some Pro-Design knee pads. My legs are pretty big; and my thighs right above my knee are big and shaped a little funny, which makes knee pads uncomfortable and difficult to fit. My 187s are not comfy, and the butterfly closure comes undone if I fall a few times. My Pro-Design pads slip down terribly; they fall down so far that when I try to do a knee tap, the fabric at the top hits the concrete and does not allow me to slide. Even if I cinch them incredibly tight (to the point of decreased blood flow), they still fall.

So... I've been thinking about trying hockey shin guards since they don't rely on a strap above the knee to be secured. And I was wondering if anyone had any opinions about or experience using hockey shin guards for derby.
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