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Ehh, big wheels dont exactly mean faster though. Its form that makes huge differences.

I can skate as fast in my quads as people using inline hockey skates and pass them. I'm 39 this month. So properly putting power into the ground makes all the difference.

Usually larger wheels will help maintain a speed for longer as their overall rolling resistance is less. 110 should be easier to control and produce near equal speeds for a fair distance when using equipment that is equal as urethane quality goes.

I did A2A 2 years ago and pulled a groin muscle around the 20th mile, still finished the 87 miles in quads during a damn hurricane. Probably the most grueling thing I'd ever done to myself. Wheels were WAY too hard .. 88A.. beat me to death. Feet were soaked and hurt like hell...exceptional amounts of perseverance is required to be elite
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