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I heard the Powerslide Imperial Pro is made for narrow feet. I don't know if this refers to the ankle region or the toe box, but people switch away from it for being too narrow. It is not really a dedicated slalom skate. Also, there was a model change last year. Try it somewhere if you have a chance. It is heat-moldable which also helps.

Personally I use Seba Trix/KSJ with my normal (??) sized european feet. I notice slight slack in the heel/ankle area, permitting my heel to go upwards a tiny bit, sometimes. It is no problem for slalom, but it increases wear on liner (Trix) or skin (KSJ) when doing fast-paced city skating. It don't know how Trix/KSJ compare to your Highs, but the toe box is definately narrower than Igors. Trix and KSJ are almost identical, except for stiffness, liner comfort, and optics. They are made for asian feet, and not heat-moldable. Beware non-rockered frame is default on both now!
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