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Thanks y'all!

It was kind of like learning to ride a bicycle. All of a sudden, I could just do it. Of course, 50 years of skating including rink dance and hockey gave me a great foundation to start with. I think the turning point is not so much muscle memory as it is "cone memory". I sort of just KNOW where the cones are now and don't have to look at them so much, which allows me to just skate and not think too much about the floor. I also got the book "Art of Falling" and watched hundreds of hours of slalom videos online. I even downloaded some and converted them to super slow motion so I could learn the footwork. Actually, here is a link to my favorite one: I slowed it way down and added my own music.

I gotta keep it REALLY conservative inside the house due to the narrowness of the runway. Sometimes my heel will hit a wall or appliance as it is. Also, any fall is very likely to end up on a sharp wooden corner or edge of a granite counter top. I guess that's why I looked a little stiff as I reviewed the footage. Don't want to fall on those plastic cones either! So falling BACKWARDS is out of the question - nowhere is safe. Hence, I tend to lean a tad forward in the house.

Next time I think I will set up four cones in a square pattern in the big front room and play with that some. I've seen that on some YouTube videos. You just keep going in a circle more or less so you don't have a start/end point. Should be a great workout.

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