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Hi BMW325TI,

Aside from Mort, I agree with the others on wearing some kind of Protection.

Since it seems you're doing the "Outside" Skating, I would encourage you to be wearing the Kind with "Hard Shell" coverings for much better Sliding and over-all Protection. If you tend to Fall on your Hips or Back Side, then I would also suggest at least a FootBall style padding system for those two areas. Best would be the outerwear HardShell type.

I've worn the Elbo, Knee, and FootBall style Padding for more than 45yrs, and that's the only reason I'm still Skating at 73 after over 65yrs of Skating. I only Skate in Rinks, and seem to take Falls regularly. At 6'9" on Skates, and 220 lbs, I tend to hit pretty hard out of a Spin, Jump or Footwork sequence. You simply must protect your self if you want to have Skating longevity. (or be a hell of a lot better coordinated than I am)

Best wishes for a healthy Skating career.

297's on Centurys, 220's on Snyder Advantage, BackSpin 95's, Bones 97's, 98's, 101A's, Skating 65+yrs & still Rollin at 73+. Great Lifetime Hobby to have !
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