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I've gotta run off on an errand right now... but I'd like to come back to a lot of the points you've made. There are a lot of design trade-offs made that you seem to consider as negatives when I see them as smart and/or good value.

I'm waiting right now for feedback from wife before setting off on errand and so I'll comment on manufacturing tolerances. Nothing... NOTHING! can be made 100% perfect... ever. Plastic hubs can be more forgiving when installing bearings because plastic yields much more easily than aluminum. The hub bearing seat I.D. (inside diameter) will always vary a bit +/- from design nominal. Bearing O.D. (outside diameter) will also vary a bit +/- from design nominal. Cheap bearings may vary more. Plastic hubs can accommodate this a bit more gracefully. An aluminum hub ID will not yield easily to an oversized bearing, sometimes resulting in a light press-fit. As I see it... Bont is trying to tweak its hub to meet up with the 'class' of bearings used by the folks most likely to buy such a high end wheel.
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