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Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
Thanks! I'm thinking if the boot helps me get much better form (i dont even use my upper body at all yet, like arms are all over the place, my jump is hardly a jump, more like a skip, i'm VERY rudimentary right now its ugly, i'll post a video). But if i like the support, Is there a slightly more comfortable boot I could look into? (i love how my bont has a foam rubbery insert and makes me able to stand on it for hours, but these reidels just have a peice of super hard leather or something in there feels like i'm standing on a wood floor.. I dont wana spend 500 bucks on a pair, but if there is a good pair that are comfy and good for what i wana do, i wouldn't mind suggestions... I'm thinking of mounting a roll line Mariner cup or Mistral (gonna find out if the 100 dollar difference is really just the machined out part in the middle) cuz i LOVE my roll line plate on my bont.
rolline plate will be better, but the boot should be ok once you get use to it, will cost big bucks to get any other decent boot.
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