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Great idea to suggest this!

I'm Doug. I have been skating in one form or another for about 37 years (ice figure and rec quad as a kid, street/aggressive inline and ice hockey in college). Started ice and inline speedskating about 2.5 years ago with my 7-year old son. There is a former Olympian here who teaches both. This year my 5-year old started inline as well. I co-coach the beginner inline class at our rink.

I was planning to do my first marathon (NSIM) this year but have had a series of foot and ankle setbacks - working on breaking in my new Jets to try to address this, and I have grudging permission from my wife to go for a pair of custom Z's if necessary! I guess it's a lot cheaper mid-life crisis purchase than a convertible! :-) I have 195-mount 110/100 setup ready to go once the boot thing is figured out, but I want to replace one thing at a time....

I now am hoping to skate in my first marathon and indoor races next season!

Love the list - lurk a lot and have used the search feature to great advantage. Thanks to everyone for all the great contributions!

Custom Bont Vaypor / Cado Dualbox 5 4x110
Bont Boxer / Maple Gold 17"
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