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"I have recommended people not to buy the Dance Roll Line plate and they are really happy with the decision."

Oh for Pete's sakes, that is just silly! It's like saying I recommended people not try or buy the XX pizza or YY beer and that they were all happy with their decision.

It not that black & white in reality. It is much like cushions, some like them really soft and some hard for the same kind of skating. Then there are those that never try a different cushion or worse just follow the stupid weight charts. Over time those who never experiment will never know what works best for them.

My hats off to those who understand there are few hard rules when it comes to plates, cushions and wheels. Anyway you look at it the SKATER is
a HUGE unmeasurable factor at what he or she can do with their hardware.

" A Roll Line Dance Plate was designed to cut deep edges doing Artistic Dance."

True, but if you do your homework you will see people are using it for Figure & Rhythm too. There is also interest in Freestyle, Jam, Speed, Derby & Hockey!

" My question is why do people buy plates that they should not be buying"

Sorry, this is just a little arrogant, don't you think?
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