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Originally Posted by dvw View Post
Sure. I skate a 180 on a size 13. 180 on an 11 is a walk in the park.

Of course, I don't know what kind of skating you intend to do. That changes the answer.

"The chart" as it relates to the high end art plates like Snyder, Atlas, Roll Line, etc, is intended as a guide on sizing for traditional art disciplines. If that's what you're doing, chances are that's the neighborhood you should be in. Your coach should be able to steer you.

If you're skating for fun, all bets are off. Plate sizing and position is a very individual thing. I skate short forward, arguably shorter than most. It works for me and I like it. 180mm is actually the upper limit. Anything longer and the skate feels like a cinder block.

But to your original question, no, you likely should not be changing sizes between plate types without some compelling reason to do so.
Originally Posted by amohrfeld View Post
First, The charts are really just a starting point. However, The Roll Line chart is fairly accurate. It is more important to determine the position of the ball of the foot and your heel center. Larger plates allow more room for error. Shorter plates must be mounted exactly. The rear wheel should be under the heel center. I disagree that you should focus on the front axle and let the rear fall where it may. You "feel" the front position more but the rear position limits movement or knocks you on your butt if not correct.

I'm using a 170 on a 9.5 boot for both my art skates - dance and freestyle. This is below the recommended length.

My Dance/336 plate is mounted fairly far back. It forces posture, but is brutal when leaning forward. I'm getting used to it though. I just built a Energy/Edea freestyle skate because the Dance/336 is limited to Dance and session skating. No stability to do a jump. I moved the plate forward .090" to get up on the rear wheels easier. Maybe I moved it too much. Time will tell.
Thanks for the feedback, very useful information.
Riedell 336 Boot , Roll-Line Energy plate, Roll-Line Panther wheels -95A, Me: 165 lb, 6'2"
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