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You know what? I think I will be sticking with my Mistral plate

I will just have to remain jealous of all those people with smaller more agile feet. At least I am a size 11 and not a 15 or something.

The Dance plate sounds interesting from what I have read, although I don't know if it's application is as wide as Roll Line says. But that was not really the question.

It's a complicated question that kind of got lost. I always thought the ideal plate size was determined by your foot size and or measurements of your ball, heel distances. We all agree on that, right?

However, according to the Roll Line chart it is not. If you have a Riedell size 11 boot you will need a 190 plate, but most other boot manufacturers say 180 for the same size foot?

In other words for size 11 why do you need a 190 with Riedell and a 180 with nearly all the other boot manufacturers for a Roll Line plate? What does the boot manufacturer have to do with what size plate will work best under your foot?

I think it is a good question, you want the best fit. So is it 180 or 190? What does it have to do with the boot?
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