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Default Roll Line Dance Plate on a size 11 Riedell 297 boot - Can it be done?

Here the deal. I have Riedell 297 boot would like the Roll Line Dance Plate, but for some reason the chart says I need a 190 plate for the Riedell size 11 boot.

All the other boot manufacturers on the same size chart say a 180 is needed.
(it's the standard ATLAS Skates US chart)

So I am confused, it seems like the correct Axel Spread would not be different from boot to boot, right?

This is an issue to me because I have a Riedell 297 boot size 11, and according to the chart I would need a 190 and they don't make a 190 for the Roll Line Dance Plate (180 max). So I would have to buy a different boot or plate.

I mean it is a shorter plate, seems like there would be more room for adjustment right?

I'm guessing it is because the bolts don't line up somehow or the heal is larger or smaller or something. What do you guys think?
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